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Due to its heat resistance, cold resistance, non-stickiness, and non-toxicity, Tygaflor fabrics is used for sheets, belts and tent films. We supply various kinds of fabrics from open mesh fabrics to non-porous and fine mesh fabrics.
Super smooth"AA"series, High-grade smooth"A"series, Antistatic"G"series,
"AP"series with pressure sensitive adhesive agent, Open mesh"B"series
Tigaflor conveyor belts can handle a wide range of applications from foodstuff manufacturing to packaging and printing, due to their stabilized quality and perfect belt welding.
This fabric product is a PTFE-impregnated glass cloth coated with a heat-resistant silicon pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The Tygatape can be used in a wide temperature region up to 260℃. This product is used in a wide variety of applications as a heat-sealing material required for packaging, as a powder transport material, and as a mold release agent for weighing hoppers.
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