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IThis type can be used for product sizes from 5" to 21" and requires only one minute for a size change. Since a touchpanel is used, the user can easily enter 20 product sizes and assign parameters. The semi-automatic type is best suited for "production of many kinds of articles in small quantities", for large-size workpiece processing, and for pre-mounting repair.
This fully automatic type employing the bottom laminating scheme prevents air bubbles from occurring and minimizes the entry of foreign particles. Since either an outline-based or mark-based alignment method can be selected, the appropriate static-electricity removal method can be adopted for either panel transport, separator detachment, or polarizing plate laminating. In addition, all workpieces can be visually checked from outside for easy maintenance.
Independent pressure management of four cutter blades prevents single-side contact and overloading, thus avoiding damage. Rotation at 400 rpm or more offers a powerful removal capability with respect to foreign matter, and polishing with compressed air and deionized water prevents foreign matter from re-sticking. All select operations with the touchpanel are fully automatic, and parameters can also be set automatically.
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