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Precision-processed products on a micron level are intended to be used in semiconductor equipment whose structure has become increasingly sophisticated. These products can be used in applications such as PFA, PTFE, PCTFE, and PEEK.
Bellows, Wafer guides, Wafer chucks, Chambers, and Valve bodies
Single baths are suitable for the storage and mixing of high-purity chemical solutions used for semiconductor equipment, and double baths are suited for overflow cleaning inside semiconductor equipment. We manufacture various baths, both in single-unit molded types as well as welded types.
PTFE single baths (YS type), PTFE double baths (YW type), and PFA single baths
These tanks are commonly used to store and weigh chemical solutions whose purity has been increasing to allow application to semiconductor equipment.We also provide very thin tanks in square shapes, which can contribute to space saving in locations where semiconductor equipment is installed.
PFA weighing tanks (MS type and MC type),PFA waste liquid tanks (DC type)
ETFE protection tanks (CC type)
As the tendency towards higher chemical solutions purity is growing, pressure-feed using N2 gas is becoming the predominant method for supplying chemical solutions.
The CS tanks are next-generation chemical solutions supply tanks with an N2-based pressure-feed capability.
The liquid-wetted surface is made of a Super PFA rotomolded tank material so as to prevent the elution of metals.
2L, 7L, 10L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, 200L, and 250L
We design and manufacture chemical solutions supply units and chemical solutions circulation units that incorporate technology which we have gained through many years of manufacturing fluororesin products and super engineering plastics. Each unit is designed using the optimal resin material for the particular chemical.
Although conventional fluorine-containing rubber cannot easily maintain its physical characteristics against chemicals such as ethers, amines, ketones, organic solvents, acids, or alkalis, Karlez R exhibits stable physical characteristics with respect to a large majority of these chemicals. In terms of heat resistance, Karlez R , which is a type of rubber, maintains its physical characteristics even at high temperatures up to about 300℃. O-rings made of Karlez R are used as the main O-rings in semiconductor equipment.
4079, 6375, 1050LF, 2035, 3018, 4001, 8101, 8375, 2037, 8201, and 8385

Karlez R is a trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers L.L.C America.
Vespel R combines heat-resisting and wear-resisting capabilities that surpass those of Yodoflon (fluororesin). Vespel R displaces excellent performance and durability, even under severe conditions that do not permit the use of other resin or metallic materials, such as high PV, very high or low temperatures, no lubrication and vacuums.
SP-1 (natural grade), SP-21 (wear-resistant grade), SP-22 (creeping-resistant grade),
SP-211 (low-friction-coefficient grade), and SP-3 (vacuum sliding grade)
VESPEL R is a trademark of DuPont America.
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