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Fluororesins have many excellent characteristics including heat resistance, flame resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, non-stickiness, low friction, purity, high-grade electrical properties, low temperature stability, and high-frequency resistance properties.
Yodogawa Hu-Tech Co.Ltd., manufactures 6 varieties of fluororesin base materials as its "Yodoflon Series", contributing to themanufacturing of a wide range of machines and tools for various industries.

Fluororesins and super engineering plastic resins have high levels of the various excellent characteristics, required for semiconductor manufacturing, which cannot be provided by substitute materials. Yodogawa Hu-Tec fabricates these resins into various product shapes and supplies them to semiconductor manufacturers.

We use various advanced resin materials to solve problems associated with the transporting and manufacturing processes for liquid crystals, plasma displays, organic EL substrates, and other components related to display panels, making it possible to manufacture excellent products.

It is required that workpiece processing during the polarizing plate laminating process should be even higher in accuracy and in efficiency, coupled with the increasing needs for larger and more advanced liquid crystal panels. The polarizing plate laminating machines manufactured by Yodogawa Medic incorporate its unique expertise and are far ahead of our competitors' products in competitiveness.

In order to meet needs for higher-purity chemical solutions intended for use in the electronic industry, we offer products intended to achieve "cleanliness" by taking thorough measures in all aspects from the selection of base materials to the manufacturing environment and cleaning process.

Excellent anticorrosion characteristics essential for chemical plants can be obtained.
We have a variety of high-quality products for transporting and transferring great quantities of chemical solutions.

The fluororesin products that form an integral part of information-processing equipment contribute to faster and larger-volume processing of information.

Fluororesins, which have excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, organic solvents and other chemicals, are suitable for used in peripheral equipment items for medical treatment, physicochemical experiments and analysis. In particular, the demand for fluororesins for use in biotechnological equipment and medical analyzing apparatus has been incre asing remarkably.

We have created fabric-type products, including Kevlar cloth, with various advantages, by impregnating glass fiber and polyamide fiber with fluororesin.

The superior characteristics of fluororesins conquer the severe circumstances of mechatronics, as various structural parts,sliding materials and sealing materials . Fluororesins are suitable for both pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and can be used under a wide range of temperature conditions from -196℃ to +260℃.
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