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Because of their special molding method, these gaskets are weld-free and excellent in anti-creeping characteristics. These products are used as insulating gaskets for mobile communications equipment and for batteries and cells.
Yodoflon's heat resistance and flame resistance provide high-quality covered wire, used for wiring inside electronic equipment, for high-frequency circuits, telecommunication cables and cables for high-temperature equipment, including heater cables.
These materials are small in dielectric constant and dielectric loss change and excellent in heat resistance and chemical resistance. They are also low in water absorbency and have excellent copper foil stickiness.
BS/CS antenna converter, Fish detector antenna, Wire high-speed data communications repeater station amplifier, Cellular phone base station (W-CDMA) antenna and amplifier, and FWA (fixed wireless LAN)
Yodoflon-covered wires are used as lead wires for various sensors for automobiles and for the wiringof peripheral equipment for engines.
This cable uses PTFE as its insulator, features a low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss tangent, and guarantees stability over a wide frequency band. This product is used for high-frequency transmission circuits intended for satellite communications or other applications.
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