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Excellent chemical resistance, non-stickiness and purity of super flow lining have been proven from actual results over many years. Washing the inside of a tank lorry (tanker truck) or container is easy when super flow lining is used, ensuring high operation rates for multipurpose applications. In addition, super flow lining can be used with full vacuum. Super flow lining is suitable for tanker truck transportation of various chemicals including organic solvents, inorganic acids, alkalis and washing waste liquid.
This product, applicable to the treatment baths and containers that require the largest of all heat exchangers, is most commonly used in large treatment baths designed for acid cleaning.
For slinging into a bath, this heat exchanger uses its own weight.
This type of heat exchanger is most commonly used in a metal surface treatment bath for purposes such as plating and / or etching.
Since the heat exchanger unit itself can be designed into a compact and lightweight structure, this product is mainly used for the in-line process of high-purity chemical solutions. This heat exchanger contributes to compact internal engineering of manufacturing plants that require heat exchange.
PT-ETFE Iining pipe is characterized by easy processability, their permeability is less than that of other fluororesin lining pipe, yet they are inexpensive and a long life span is guaranteed.
PFA is the highest-grade lining material, suitable for areas where high purity chemicals are used under high-temperature conditions and where strong resistance to corrosion is required.
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