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We use various molding methods and processing methods and supply sophisticated products that utilize resin characteristics and are high in dimensional accuracy.
Bushings (bearings), Gears, rollers, Bearing retainers, Coil bases
Fluororesins have low coefficients of friction and excellent self-lubricating ability and abrasion resistance. Mixing a filler with a fluororesin improves its rigidity and compression strength, making fluororesins with fillers useful not only for oil-free type machines and tools, but also able to withstand high-load conditions in manufacturing processes.
Piston rings, Rider rings, Chip seals and Rod packing for high-pressure use
Stationary sealing materials (gaskets) and kinetic sealing materials (packing) made of fluororesin combined with other materials in various shapes, have a wide range of applications.
Flat-type gaskets, Jacket-type gaskets, V rings, O rings oil seals,
Ball valve seats, etc.
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